Video Batch Like A Boss Challenge

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Welcome to the challenge + VIDEO WORKBOOK!

Video Batch Like A Boss Challenge

Create an ENTIRE month of content in less than 8 hours!

You know that creating video content is the hottest and fastest way to growing your business but it’s so time-consuming.

The planning, recording, editing, scheduling… heck, what do you even say on video?!

Sheesh… aren’t your palms sweating just thinking about it?

Question for you: What would it look like if you could create an entire month of awesome video content in less than 8 hours?

Andddd what if you could create video content that you could also repurpose into blog posts, podcast episodes, Instagram reels/TikTok, YouTube videos, and even social media posts?!


Then get ready because you’re about to kiss that content-hamster wheel and sweaty-palms goodbye with my video batching challenge!


A 4-day challenge totaling only 8 hours where you will create an entire month of content!
Yup, we're talking planning, recording, editing, and even repurposing! 😱

Here’s how it all breaks down...

DAY 1: Planning your video content

Learn my tips and tricks for planning and scripting out your video content in less than 30 minutes!
PLUS: Get access to video content ideas

DAY 2: Ready to record

Ready to hit that record button with confidence? Get my checklist to help you prep for recording as well as my video recording tips!

DAY 3: Video editing with ease

It’s doesn’t have to be complicated! Learn how to edit your videos in LESS than 10 minutes whether you’re on the computer or on your phone!

DAY 4: Content Multiplier

What’s the point of creating videos that can’t be seen everywhere?! You’re going to discover different ways to repurpose your videos as well as my super-secret tip to make video repurposing EVEN EASIER!

 PLUS these bonuses: 

1. Camera confidence:

Not confident and comfy on camera? Get access to my video module geared towards helping you become comfier on video!

2. Makeup and Styling on video:

You’re going to get a never-before-seen super simple makeup tutorial to help you look and feel your best on camera + my video styling guide 

3. Easy Tech Guide

Aht-aht! You don’t need fancy equipment to get started on video! I’m sharing my video guide with you whether you’re using your camera, computer, tablet or laptop!

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